Case Study


Preston Rentals is committed to providing the best rental experience for our customers. With decades of industry experience, you can count on us for delivering remarkable service and quality equipment. A recent job with the JEORIS crew on a Dual-Collaborative project with JE Dunn demonstrated our commitment to safety standards and delivering efficiencies for our customers.


JE Dunn and JOERIS partnered with Preston Rentals to complete one of the biggest hospital projects in San Antonio TX, The University of Women & the Children’s Hospital. JOERIS performed all installations and dismantling of the project, which Preston Rentals supplied SuperDeck retractable loading platforms for to help complete the job. The SuperDecks provided a safety benefit and efficient handling of materials to the overall project, as challenges existed in accessibility to the site, which was effectively managed through Preston Rental’s equipment.


The inability to have a “buck-hoist” that exceeded past the fifth floor was creating an upper-level demand and increased site traffic. This was impacting the general performance of the project with long waits to transport materials, ultimately creating a decline in proactivity on site. Without access to higher level, tasks were disrupted.

The prefabbed units and air handlers needed to be installed were cumbersome and extremely heavy, which traditional static platforms cannot provide the engineering or Safe Working Load (11,000lbs) to elevate to higher floors. This was the main challenge throughout this project. Fortunately, the Preston Rentals team could successfully provide a solution thanks to the innovative design of our SuperDeck platform. JOERIS’ construction manager Juan Dunn said, “every single trade on site from the glazing companies, mechanical contractors and drywall crews were able to quickly get over double the material per pick because of Preston’s SuperDecks.”

Further challenges were experienced as a result of the dual-car elevators on either side of the larger hospital projects, creating restriction as a result of only having one lift on the north elevation of the structure. Again, this was resulting in additional site traffic, that created havoc on site.


An onsite visit was able to identify engineering issues with the “buck-hoist/man lift”, which was creating problems with accessing higher level floors. The inability to use the elevator to load to upper levels created an opportunity for Preston Rentals to help assist within this project. Our team quickly and efficiently provided SuperDecks to the JE Dunn/JOERIS team with a promise that the delivery lane nightmares would quickly improve for all involved once the decks were in full operation.
Preston Rentals installed four 4.2 SuperDecks, which were necessary for the larger prefab components and air handling equipment. A further three 3.2 SuperDecks were used to assist within this project for other materials. The larger 4.2’s were placed on the mechanical levels and the 3.2’s provided solutions to trades that didn’t demand the width or SWL, thus creating safe and suitable equipment to accelerate deliveries to the project.

The Preston Rentals team were able to provide a useful and practical solution that produced an extremely positive result overall for this project. The “buck-hoist/man lift” created accessibility challenges that Preston Rentals SuperDecks could accurately assist with, enabling heavy materials to reach higher levels. JE Dunn/JOERIS initially rented a single 4.2 SuperDeck to see if this would improve their site traffic. After a couple of weeks, additional platforms were rented to further assist, which ultimately totalled 7 platforms at the end of the project. The end result left Juan Dunn extremely happy with the outcome, expressing “the team has been blown away, site traffic was cut than more than half. I asked you to pull off a miracle and you delivered every time.”


UHS is the most premier hospital being constructed in San Antonio, and Preston Rentals was able to provide equipment that enabled fast and safe solution for Dual Collaborative’s progress throughout the project. The stacked system was delivered and set up in the most efficient way, which created steady traffic on site. The project ended with a bang with the American Flag being taken up the tower crane for the top-off ceremony, giving great views of our system to all that could see.
Thanks to JE Dunn and the team at JOERIS for an excellent experience and trusting our service to get the job done.