Case Study

Best on Deck Highlights – July 2023

Preston Rentals highlights of July for the SuperDeck® division: 

At Preston Rentals, we continuously strive to find solutions specific to our client’s requirements, meaning that you can count on us to have the necessary tools, knowledge, and advice to get the job done no matter your project scale. Our innovative retractable loading platform system, the SuperDeck®, has long been the preferred choice in multi-story construction projects worldwide. Its revolutionary design offers simplicity when handling materials, and improves safety, time, and costs for our customers.  This past month we helped more customers complete their large-scale projects using our standout SuperDeck® system… 


An Enduring Partnership: Preston Rentals and Power Construction – SuperDeck® 4.2
This past month, in the bustling heart of downtown Boise, Idaho, a Power Construction and McAlvain Construction joint venture on an ambitious mixed-use building project commenced. Having previously experienced the outstanding performance of the SuperDeck® on an airport build, Power Construction turned to the trusted expertise of Preston Rentals again for their installation needs. A SuperDeck® 4.2 was seamlessly installed using the highly efficient 2-prop method, saving them precious time on installation and removal. Recognizing the value of convenience and the precision of our equipment, Power Construction is also considering renting one of Preston Rentals’ reliable mini cranes to further streamline the construction process. Pairing one of our mini cranes with a SuperDeck® has been shown to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and enhance safety onsite, making them the perfect combination.
The Boise, Idaho project stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between Power Construction/McAlvain Construction and Preston Rentals. We look forward to working with them again in the future! 


A Tight Squeeze SuperDeck® 2.2
Our SuperDeck® system was called to aid another mixed-use building project being undertaken by Midwest Partitions. The site posed a unique challenge to the completion of the project as the general contractor, Milender White, had limited space to work with, leading cranes to have to be flown into the building. A SuperDeck® 2.2 was chosen for the installation, the smallest of our fleet with a width of 7’2’’. However, the smaller width of deck does not affect its impressive loading capacity of 11,000lb.  

The SuperDeck® 2.2 was installed seamlessly, with Preston Rental’s skilled team efficiently completing the task in approximately 45 minutes. Allan Hall, the owner of the property under development, was present on-site throughout the installation process. He expressed his utmost satisfaction with the work, stating that he would always choose Preston Rentals for future projects.

The SuperDeck® Alleviates Safety Concern Onsite – SuperDeck® 4.2
A safety concern at a 30-story, 345-unit mixed-use project at 180 10th St NE, Atlanta, GA, led MCR Trust to reach out to Preston Rentals. Worried about the potential hazards posed by a static deck on site, MCR Trust decided to replace the fixed deck with Preston Rental’s innovative SuperDeck®. The static deck was removed and a SuperDeck® 4.2 was perfectly installed. This upgrade not only ensures the safety of workers and materials during loading and unloading but has also set the stage for future progress on the site. The success and efficiency offered by the initial installation has led project leaders to decide to incorporate more SuperDecks in the upcoming phases. The Modera Project has therefore embraced a forward-thinking approach to construction, prioritizing safety and advancements for future endeavors.