Case Study

Best on Deck Highlights – June 2023

Preston Rentals highlights of June for the SuperDeck division:

With a fleet of exceptional, well-engineered and well-maintained equipment suitable for a wide range of tasks, Preston Rentals continuously strives to find solutions specific to our clients’ requirements. Our standout and innovative SuperDeck retractable platform system is designed to simplify the usage and handling of materials on construction sites.

A Tall Climb at Waller Creek Tower– SuperDeck 4.2

DPR Constructions partnered with Preston Rentals yet again to tackle another large-scale project. Being supplied with multiple SuperDeck 4.2’s, this site was provided with a much-needed solution to challenges that were being faced. Having already established a great partnership with this company, we were entrusted to provide efficient material handlers to produce a successful outcome!

An additional two SuperDecks were delivered last week, and because of these deliveries this project has been able to greatly benefit from the industry preferred multistory construction system. We are foreseeing numerous additional deck deliveries throughout the whole construction process as a substantial number of decks have already been booked in, making it the top priority onsite in coming weeks.

Whilst the site has faced several challenges, such as congested transport lanes and limited spaces, the SuperDeck will deliver significant solutions that will benefit all involved. The retractable system can be utilized to effectively transport materials inside the building or onto the platform. This helps clear much needed space and speeds up the delivery of materials and equipment onsite. With these challenges, Preston Rentals has also coordinated the delivery of decks to further help provide a solution.

Following the successful installation, David Rayner from DPR Construction praised the Preston Rentals collaboration by stating, “Everybody knows the Preston rollouts are the best outriggers in the industry, hands down.” With praise like this, our customers can feel secure when working with Preston Rentals.

As Waller Creek Tower aims to become the tallest building in Texas, DPR construction recognizes the significance that this project holds over the market. This lanky residential building will be a ground-breaking first for Austin, Texas, and Preston Rentals is proud to help. Thank you DPR Construction & David Rayner for trusting the SuperDeck system!

Exceptionally smooth work with LCL – SuperDeck 3.2

Lease Crutcher Lewis (LCL) once again reaped the benefits of our retractable loading platform system this month with a successful installation of a 3.2 SuperDeck at 1107 N.E. 45th St. in Seattle, Washington. Our 2-prop installation method was used, saving them time on installation and removal, and reducing the load to the RA to a safe working load of 11,000lbs.

The retractability of the SuperDeck means that many can be positioned one above the other, ensuring the efficient delivery of building materials directly to the required floor of a multi-level building.

This proposed 28-story site is being developed as a mixed-use facility, with a projected 336 units as well as retail spaces, adding to its versatility.

Lease Crutcher Lewis has extensive experience using our SuperDecks, with Preston Rentals collaborating on multiple high-rise projects across various locations. They were again thrilled with the outcome at this site, solidifying their trust in Preston Rentals. We look forward to more collaborations with them in the future.