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Broad Construction

Preston Hire provides Broad a wide range of lifting benefits

As a fully-owned subsidiary of Leighton Holdings, Broad Construction is a national construction company that offers a full range of services ranging from traditional design and construct, and construct-only, delivery to public-private partnerships and alliance contracting services.

With a vast array of award-winning work in both regional and metropolitan areas, Broad is focused on delivering projects no matter the size, location or complexity.

With the help of Preston Rentals, Broad is currently developing the Kings Square 2 (KS2) and Kings Square 4 (KS4) commercial office developments in the new subdivision created from the old Perth Entertainment Centre site, in the heart of Perth’s bustling CBD.

Due for completion in 2015, the works comprise two A-Grade, 11-storey buildings – KS2 (18,500sqm) and KS4 (13,000sqm) and will target a 5-Star Green Star – Office Design V3 rating from the Green Building Council of Australia and a 5-Star NABERS energy rating.

According to Broad Senior Site Manager Andy Maclean, thanks to the unique design of Preston Rentals’ SuperDeck® retractable loading platform system and the quality of the Mini Crane and Multiprop heavy-duty vertical and horizontal propping system supplied by Preston Rentals, a lot of his site work has been completed quicker, more safely and at a lower cost.

“We used the SuperDeck® retractable loading deck system for lifting gyprock, sand, tiles, curtain wall, glass, piping, and steel – just about anything that was too heavy to move by hand went on to the SuperDeck®.

“SuperDeck® worked really well, and while we used a tower crane to load SuperDeck® up, we only used it to about 70 per cent of its maximum 5 tonne load capacity.

“Thanks to the fact that it was easy to use and very service friendly, it was a highly useful machine to have on the job site.

“Without using SuperDeck®, we would have to erect scaffolding and build loading bays – that would not only work out to be more expensive, but it would also take up more time. This way, it was fast, easy and relatively cost-effective,” Maclean explained.

“One of the best things about SuperDeck® is that it has no engine, which means there is very little chance of any breakdowns or other problems.

“We used Preston’s Multiprops mainly to back-prop SuperDeck®, which also worked extremely well.

“As for the Preston Rentals crane we employed, a Maeda LC-383 Crawler Crane, that is a great piece of machinery – it was just perfect, never missing a beat and able to be used on many parts of the job as an auxiliary to our main tower crane,” said Maclean.

“From my perspective, one of the best things about dealing with Preston Rentals was their customer and engineering support – it really is very good and was very much appreciated by both me and the company.”

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The iconic Kings Square development featured on Today Tonight.  With the help of Preston Hire, Broad Construction is currently developing the Kings Square 2 (KS2) and Kings Square 4 (KS4) commercial office developments in the new subdivision created from the old Perth Entertainment Centre site, in the heart of Perth’s bustling CBD.


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