Case Study



Prime Structure Inc. is located in Brooklyn, NY and is part of the Foundation, Structure, Concrete and Building Exterior Contractors Industry. They specialize in mainly non-union projects in NYC and the surrounding boroughs. Preston Rentals has enjoyed working with Prime Structures on a number of projects following their initial use of a 2.6 SuperDeck at a project in the Bronx, NY in late August 2021. Since this job, we have continued to work together providing a number of 2.6 SuperDeck models on various projects. Most recently, they are utilizing (6) of our 2.6 platforms for their Queens Blvd Mixed-Use project.


One of the major challenges is the supply of equipment within very short timeframes. Due to on-site logistics, loading platforms can be required within extremely tight deadlines for Prime Structures. Preston Rentals is proud to have always supplied and accommodated late requests as we understand the importance of our gear on-site for the long-term time management of the site. We value our relationship with Prime Structures and were able to deliver outriggers to the site within 48hours. We pride ourselves on being a business you can count on.

The Benefits

Our 2.6 SuperDecks are mainly used on office and residential buildings or where there is limited space, lift lobbies or service cores. They are suitable for use on structure types including mass times/CLT, concrete and structural steel builds. Prime Structures has recognized their adaptability and found this model very beneficial for the structures they commonly build.

Prime Structures also saw much value added to their job in the overall cost vs time savings, especially when reviewing the use of crane picks. Prime Structures often hire cranes directly, so when our SuperDecks can save them a few crane picks each day it offers tremendous value to them.


It is fantastic to work with a client on numerous projects over a period of time. Return business demonstrates the benefits being delivered by our equipment and the genuine cost savings, ease of use and value the customer is able to enjoy as a result of using our SuperDecks. We are also thrilled that Prime Structures is using multiple platforms and stacking them vertically as a system. Their team are quick to recognise the benefits and full potential of the system and are reaping the rewards in their overall project management and delivery. We look forward to continuing this relationship and providing further service as needed to Prime Structures.