Case Study


With over 50 years of construction industry experience, Preston Rentals can assure you are in safest of hands with any job, from our quality of service, experience, and equipment we supply, we are committed to providing the best solution. Working with Harmon Glass highlights the positive impact our SuperDeck® retractable design offers, producing a safe and productive workplace for all involved.


Assisting Harmon Glass with the installation of glass for the refurbishment of an Old Tire Factory. Harmon were initially using their own platforms to transport the platforms of glass.  However, challenges for these platforms arose in proximity of surrounding buildings, developing the decline of proactivity and safety to bystanders and workers. Preston Rentals SuperDecks was able to supply a flawless solution to help Harmon Glass complete the job, the retractable system successfully conquered all existing challenges.


Harmon Glass established numerous challenges within the position of the site. The surrounding buildings tight proximity to one another and busy pedestrian streets generated obstacles and safety issues for the accessibility of Harmon’s decks, due to their size and placement. The tight proximity provided only one location for their deck, however, this created further decline in proactivity, that couldn’t be maneuvered without the help of Preston Rentals SuperDecks.


The team introduced the SuperDeck® 3.2, to create a perfect solution for the accessibility issue, which contributed to the safety and efficiency of the use of all equipment and glass onsite. The push and pull system created a winning point for Harmon’s Team and fixed the overall challenge of surrounding buildings. This solution provide materials to be disturbed safely onto the SuperDeck®, without causing problems to surrounding buildings and pedestrians.

The unloading of materials on our SuperDecks cut down time and labour on site, as a result of the retractable system, which was able to further go into the building. The crates of glass were to be transferred into the building swifty and more secure.


Our SuperDecks are designed to effortlessly maintain the handling of materials, creating fast delivery times and efficiency on onsite, thanks to the innovative system and retractability it offers. This is exhibited throughout Harmon Glass’s project, from the surrounding challenges their decks provided, which was successful resolved from our SuperDecks.

Thanks to Harmon Glass for an excellent experience and trusting our service to provide a successful outcome in a unique situation.