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SuperCrane™ Snapshot – February 2024

SuperCrane™ Snapshot 

Preston Rentals recent jobs we’ve done (SuperCrane™ division edition):      

Our SuperCrane™ fleet recently assisted more customers in completing their large-scale projects… 


Preston Rentals Exceeds Customers’ Expectations – SuperCrane™ 285 

Our SuperCrane™ 285 certainly turned heads at the Contractor Deck Expo in January, with two Colorado businesses quickly engaging our services for their February projects. Landscape design company Luxescapes needed our assistance with a customer water feature installation in a Lakewood backyard. Boulders ranging from 200-600lbs needed to be hoisted and positioned in place. There was also limited access to the installation area as the worksite was a residential backyard. Colorado Custom Cover & Decks, an award-winning deck building, also required assistance with heavy lifting in a restricted space. 35’ beams, weighing between 600-700lbs, needed to be hoisted to construct a custom deck cover in a Morrison backyard. The slim body and 6,210lb lifting capacity of our SuperCrane™ 285 made it the perfect solution for both clients. Its compact size allowed our crane to easily fit through the side gates of both worksites and carry out all lifting operations. This saved time, risks, and costs associated with laborers carrying out the work, resulting in greater efficiency on site. Both Luxescapes and Colorado Custom Cover & Decks were highly impressed with our service and said they would be engaging our services again in the future.  


 We Helped with the IAH Terminal Redevelopment Program – SuperCrane™ 547 

Returning client Hensel Phelps Construction engaged our services again this past month, this time for a project at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. The IAH Terminal Redevelopment Program, the largest in the airport’s 53-year history, is being undertaken to develop additional facilities that will support aging infrastructure and the unprecedented growth in international traffic at the airport. Hensel Phelps Construction required a crane that could perform multiple jobs on site, operate in tight constraint environments, and employ less traditional hoisting methods due to the space limitations of the working area. Preston Rentals supplied our SuperCrane™ 547 to effectively meet their needs. Our SuperCrane™ carried out important material handling tasks – hoisting and moving a range of materials, from trusses and supplies to debris and trash. Although Hensel Phelps Construction didn’t require this crane’s significant lifting capacity of 4.4t (as it was lifting smaller loads), its impressive maneuverability and small footprint made it the perfect solution to execute all their lifting requirements in such confined spaces. They estimated that our SuperCrane™ saved them the cost of engaging approximately 40 laborers to carry out the same tasks. Our machine also enabled their project to be completed on time, with reduced safety risk, and within budget.  


Denver International Airport 

ICM engaged Preston Rentals to assist them with a four-month expansion project at Denver International Airport (DIA). These expansions are necessary to accommodate the exponential growth in traffic at the airport, with DIA projected to see 100 million passengers per year in 2027, and 120 million by 2045. As a result, four new concourses are being built and 100 more gates. ICM required a crane that could be used indoors to carry out all their material lifting and transportation requirements. Our SuperCrane™ 706 was selected for the job due to its impressive 6.6t capacity and battery mode, allowing it to release no emissions. The fact that this machine can be used indoors was the selling point for ICM who readily set it to work on the expansion project.