Case Study

SuperCrane™ Snapshot – January 2024

Preston Rentals recent jobs we’ve done (SuperCrane™ division edition):      

Our SuperCrane™ fleet recently assisted more customers in completing their large-scale projects… 

We Returned to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre – SuperCrane™ 285CB  

We had the pleasure of revisiting the stunning Red Rocks Amphitheatre, this time to assist A&A Construction with setting stone caps on top and around the upper deck of the venue as well as the bathroom. As the stone caps weigh upwards of 300lbs, they needed to be offloaded in the lower parking lot and walked to the location. We recommended our SuperCrane™ 285CB, an electric mini crane, for the job. Working 10-15ft above the ground, our crane made setting the stone caps quick and easy. A&A Construction were delighted with our solution, stating that it made their job ten times easier. We look forward to helping provide more solutions for A&A Construction in the future.  

Our SuperCranes Aren’t Afraid of a Little Dirt (or Sewage!) – SuperCrane™ 305 

Plumbing Company Braconier called on Preston Rentals to help them replace sewage pumps at the Dish Network building in Littleton, CO. Braconier faced many challenges at the site, including the significant weight of the pumps and their attachments, working 20-25ft below ground level, and the constraint of limited working space (they were working in the corner of an entrance gate). Recognizing their need for heavy lifting in a confined area, we recommended our SuperCrane™ 305 which has a small footprint but up to 6,560lb of lifting power. Our mini crane made short work of removing the old parts and delivering the new pumps and its small size meant that Braconier did not have to close the whole entrance to the sewage system. If not for the SuperCrane™ 305, Braconier would have needed to dig up the manhole and surrounding landscape to better access the pumps. Additionally, our solution saved workers precious time and energy (the pumps alone weighed approximately 1200lbs). Braconier was thrilled by how easy the task was with our crane and said they would ‘count on us’ for other jobs in the future.  

Grandview Glass Experienced the Versatility of Our Mini Cranes – SuperCrane™ 405 

Preston Rentals was approached to assist Grandview Glass with remodeling a Starbucks store. We helped mitigate the challenge they faced with this project. While the first phase of the job was to remodel the inside of the store, they knew they’d likely need to take down the temporary walls to get a crane inside. Preston Rentals provided a more efficient solution to this issue. Our SuperCrane™ 405 enabled Grandview Glass to set all glass panels from the outside, saving the time and effort of taking down the temporary walls. Extremely powerful for its small stature, the SuperCrane™ 405 can lift up to 8,480lbs in tight locations and made short work of the 35’ glass panels, weighing roughly 500lbs each. Recognizing the uniqueness of our product and solution, Grandview Glass referred to us as their unicorn and said Preston Rentals would be their first call for future lifting needs.  

Preston Rentals Brought the Lifting Power for Saga Glass – SuperCrane™ 305 

When Saga Glass needed help replacing glass panels, they called on Preston Rentals to bring the lifting power. This project involved replacing the front wall of a clothing store inside Cherry Creek Mall, in Denver, CO. Our SuperCrane™ 305 effortlessly lifted the glass panels, each weighing approximately 1000lbs. The small stature of our mini crane came in handy for this task as it was able to fit inside the mall and set the panels from the first floor. Saga Glass was extremely happy with the outcome and will be calling on us to assist them with future projects.