Case Study

SuperCrane™ Snapshot – March 2024

Preston Rentals recent jobs we’ve done (SuperCrane™ division edition):      


Our SuperCrane™ fleet recently assisted more customers in completing their large-scale projects… 


Our SuperCrane™ helped plumb the depths of the Grand Canyon – SuperCrane™ 815 

Stronghold Construction reached out to Preston Rentals in urgent need of a crane that could support a pulley system being used to lower pipes into the depths of the Grand Canyon. We quickly delivered a SuperCrane™ 815 to the southern rim of Arizona’s most impressive geological marvel. Despite being one of the largest models of our fleet, the SuperCrane™ 815 proved its impressive agility and maneuverability, facilitating the required material handling through an opening less than 6 feet wide. Our crane was also able to perform these tasks with the utmost precision while perched on the edge of the canyon.  


Preston Rentals visited one of Seattle’s most famous attractions, the Ballard Locks – SuperCrane™ 815 and SuperCrane™ 405 

Global Diving engaged the services of Preston Rentals for a maritime project being undertaken at the Ballard Locks in Seattle, Washington. A substantial amount of concrete needed to be replaced, requiring both powerful and precise lifting. Preston Rentals recommended our SuperCrane™ 815 and SuperCrane™ 405 for the task. The strongest of the two models, the 815, was first used to hoist broken segments of concrete and load them into concrete bins on the barge for disposal. Our 405 then offloaded the bin contents into concrete recycle trucks for removal. The collaborative efforts of our two SuperCranes showcase the efficiency and versatility of our equipment and our ability to provide our clients with individualized solutions to meet their needs.  


Jade Rentals learned the versatility of our crane fleet – SuperCrane™ 295 

Preston Rentals was engaged to carry out Jade Rentals’ lifting requirements in an Amazon warehouse facility in Ontario, Canada. We selected our SuperCrane™ 295 for the task. Compact-sized and with a small footprint, this crane is perfect for heavy lifting in confined spaces. Easily passing through the doors of the facility, our mini crane quickly got to work, precisely and efficiently setting still structures in place. Not only did its small stature prove beneficial for this work, its gas or propane-powered motor also renders it the perfect choice for indoor tasks. We look forward to providing Jade Rentals with more solutions in the future.