Case Study

SuperCrane™ Snapshot – October 2023

Preston Rentals recent jobs we’ve done (SuperCrane™ division edition):     

Our SuperCrane™ fleet assisted more customers in completing their large-scale projects… 

A remarkable feat of coordination and efficiency – SuperCrane™ 405

Duffy Crane & Hauling engaged the services of Preston Rentals again, securing the SuperCrane™ 405 for a school expansion project. This mini crane proved instrumental, aiding in the intricate task of installing new staircases and rails at Rose Stein International Elementary school. Duffy Crane & Hauling faced the challenge of a difficult access site. However, in a remarkable feat of coordination and efficiency Preston Rentals unloaded the crane and flawlessly maneuvered it the 150 yards to the designated area. The SuperCrane™ 405 is one of the most popular of our mini crane fleet as it can easily navigate small spaces while also having an impressive lifting capacity of up to 8,480 lb. 

We are delighted to have solved another jobsite challenge for Duffy Crane & Hauling and look forward to working with them again in the future.  

The “Gateway to the Rockies” – SuperCrane™ 815

Preston Rentals was called upon to collaborate with Full Spectrum Steel as part of the Colfax & Owens project. Once a hub for automotive businesses, the site is being reimagined as a vibrant community that will transform the surrounding neighborhood. Located along West Colfax Avenue, also known as the “Gateway to the Rockies”, once completed this apartment complex will offer residents easy access to public transport, as well as luxurious community features such as a pool and spa, fitness center, and two barbecue areas.  

Full Spectrum Steel harnessed the power of a Preston Rentals’ SuperCrane™ 815 to skillfully place steel elements that would be instrumental in shaping the project’s progress. The crane delivery, however, wasn’t without its challenges as limited accessibility to the site posed a hurdle for the arriving semi. Yet, with unwavering precision and our solutions-oriented mindset, Preston Rentals expertly navigated this challenge. The crane was successfully unloaded and deftly navigated to the site.   

A geological phenomenon, Red Rocks Amphitheatre – SuperCrane™ 305

A SuperCrane™ 305 was diligently prepared for Custom Rock and delivered to a site renowned as a geological phenomenon: the Red Rocks Ampitheatre. The only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect ampitheatre in the world, this venue has attracted some of the world’s biggest artists, including the Beatles, Sting, and U2. Here, at Colorado state’s most celebrated piece of architecture, the impressive capabilities of the SuperCrane™ 305 truly shone, with Custom Rock using the mini crane to elegantly set rock caps atop the highest tier of the amphitheatre. The strategic advantage of the SuperCrane’s smaller size was evident through its easy offload in the parking area and Preston Rentals’ systematic maneuvering of the mini crane to the designated work zone. 

This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the seamless synergy between Preston Rentals and Custom Rock and to a successful solution that married engineering finesse with natural grandeur.

Small but mighty – SuperCrane­™ 285

Pale Horse Service rented a SuperCrane™ 285 to assist with the construction of a pool house in the picturesque town of Parker, Colorado. The impressive lifting capacity and small width made this mini crane the perfect choice for the project. Its slim body allows it to fit through most doorways, meaning this mini crane can be used in areas inaccessible to standard cranes. The heavy lifting prowess of the SuperCrane™ 285 came to the forefront when it was used to lift a substantial main beam pivotal to the pool house’s structural integrity. However, the beam’s weight (approximately 1,000 lbs.) was but a fraction of this mini crane’s considerable lifting capacity (6,210 lb.), underscoring the crane’s prowess in managing substantial loads. The efficiency and power of the SuperCrane™ 285 made it pivotal in aiding progress on this pool house construction.