Case Study


Our SuperDeck Retractable Loading Platform System was designed to provide numerous benefits to construction sites. With safety and efficiencies at the heart of the design, the SuperDeck system delivers advantages to numerous trades throughout the build timeline which incrementally deliver overall time and cost savings.

The unique difference of the SuperDeck® retractable loading platform system is its ability to be stacked vertically and rolled in and out as required as opposed to traditional fixed or static platforms that must be staggered throughout the building. The ability to ‘stack’ the retractable SuperDeck® vertically simplifies material handling by allowing cranes uninhibited access to the platforms above or below. Installation, relocation and removal of a SuperDeck® from a building can take as little as 20 minutes per movement, depending on the level of experience and skill of the installers and the installation methodology ie. prop or bolt down method. Unlike other products, the Preston Rentals SuperDeck® can be installed using just two props or two bolts when the bolt-down method is required. This alone delivers massive time efficiencies.

Product Rental Specialist, Nick Milton, is currently working closely with a major construction company completing an impressive large-scale build in Austin, TX. With multiple high-rise buildings within the campus, Nick recognised the major advantages the SuperDeck would deliver to this site. With eight SuperDecks now currently installed in the first phase of the build, Nick engaged with the Superintendent of the project to get feedback on how the various trades working on site have utilized the SuperDecks for their various disciplines. The feedback speaks for itself.

Plumbers …

“Due to the ability to stack the SuperDecks vertically, we have been able to load one-piece units on each floor quickly and easily.”

Glaziers …

“We utilized the decks to load glass into the structure. Glazing around the entire structure with only one bay open drastically improved productivity.”

Crane Operators …

“The crane operators on our site have been praising the stacked system as it provides them with consistent pick points.”

Builders …

“All of our prefab components were able to fly from the truck directly into the SuperDeck which has helped with traffic on site.”

Safety Officer …

“Safety is one of the mast important factors for our projects so the SuperDecks have provided us with a reliable landing platform.”

Knowledge that our product delivers efficiencies to so many varying trades is testament to why we have such confidence in our ability to assist with major building construction. Preston Rentals is committed to providing quality products and exceptional customer service to all of our customers. With branches located in California, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado, we proudly service the nation and are available to discuss and provide guidance on any construction questions you may have. COUNT ON US for specialized rental equipment.


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