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Heavy Equipment Rental Nevada

For reliable heavy equipment rentals in Nevada, look no further than Preston Rentals.

We offer a vast range of high-quality equipment, custom solutions and over 50 years of experience. Our range is suitable for all kinds of sites, large or small. We can even help you with any last-minute requests, ensuring less time wasted on your site.

Our high-quality heavy equipment rentals in Nevada, is made up of some of the world’s leading construction machinery. There you will find a range of mini cranes, hydraulic crawler cranes and solutions for loading, shoring and material handling.

These include;

SuperDeck® – Innovative and timesaving, this is the Preston Rentals world renowned loading deck system

SuperCrane– Our crane rental fleet, consisting of our ultramodern mini cranes and hydraulic crawler cranes – suitable for many uses on job sites large and small

SuperShore – Preston Rentals’ cleverly designed and ultra-light slab shores

SuperCage – Our time-saving construction cage solution that offers flexibility to load difficult and cumbersome materials safely

Our products and services are renowned amongst construction industry professionals for offering efficiency, as well as cost and time savings.

To discuss your construction equipment rental needs, contact our Nevada service center today on 888 399 DECK (3325). You can also get in touch via the contact us form.

Crane Rental Nevada

The Preston Rentals crane fleet consists of state-of-the-art mini cranes and hydraulic crawler cranes manufactured by global leading brands Maeda & Unic.

Discover the benefits of our machine capabilities suitable for a range of applications and site needs. Modern, well-maintained and suitable for numerous uses on work sites large and small, the Preston Rentals’ SuperCrane™ fleet is comprised of a range of models and capacities to suit your unique needs, whatever the task. Preston Rentals is experienced and knowledgeable with a thorough understanding of crane requirements in construction.

Preston Rentals Crane Texas
Preston Rentals Texas

Loading Platform Rental

Preston Rentals retractable loading platform system, SuperDeck®, has been the preferred choice on construction projects around the world for almost four decades. Designed to simplify the handling of materials, particularly on multi-level construction sites, this revolutionary Preston Rentals innovation offers a ‘drawer-like’ loading platform system which has dramatically increased safety and reduced crane operation time for customers across the globe.

SuperDeck® loading platforms are fitted with fixed safety harness points to allow units to be vertically stacked and rolled in and out as required – as opposed to being staggered in the traditional deck configuration – which increases the efficiency of materials handling by minimizing hindrance to crane ropes and loads for faster, safer and more cost-effective crane operation.

Construction Cage Rental

PRESTON RENTALS SuperCages™ provide flexiblity to load difficult & cumbersome materials safely.

The SuperCages™ interior dims 13’2″ L x 6’4″ Wx 45″ H
5,000 LBS Loading Capacity
Tare Weight (Empty) 3,000 LBS

Steel tube frame
Diamond plate steel floor
Expanded metal side panels
4 pad eyes for top rigging
Fold-down ramp for easy loading and unloading
Designed to meet or exceed ASME B30.20 standards
Minimize wasted time and the hassle of carting equipment & materials through the man-lift

Preston Rentals Cage
Preston Rentals Props

Construction Prop Rental

℗ PRESTON RENTALS SuperShore™ slab shores are made of aluminum which means they are very light, e.g. the MP 350 weighs only 43 lbs. With its extension lengths from 6.4 – 20.5 ft., Most of standard operations in building construction can be covered. Ingeniously designed details ensure a long service life.

The cleverly-designed profile made of aluminum alloy absorbs impacts elastically, e.g. when a shore falls over. Material selection and design are perfectly matched. The SuperShore™ thread is self-cleaning and the free-running collar does not jam, even when dirty.

Why Preston Rentals?

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best construction equipment rental products and services in Nevada while staying cost-effective.

We are proud to offer one of the most reliable specialized heavy equipment rental fleets in Nevada. In addition to our equipment, we’re also proud of our people, our safety, our experience, and our services.

Top quality equipment

You can rely on Preston Rentals equipment to offer you safety and time-saving on your site. Why? Because of our innovative products, that are always well-engineered and well-maintained. At our Nevada service center you can lease mini cranes and hydraulic crawler cranes as well as solutions for loading, shoring and material handling.

Dedication to safety

Safety is also of utmost importance for us. We have strict, comprehensive policies and procedures in place to ensure that we consistently deliver the highest safety standards and always provide a safe work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

The best people

With 50 years of experience, you will always receive knowledgeable and dedicated support and service from us. We’re highly professional and organized, so you can always rely upon the team to give you attentive service and a rental experience that goes above and beyond.

Professional consultation and custom solutions

We’re there for you every step of the way – we’ll guide you on everything, from supply and installation to engineering and tailored solutions – to deliver exactly what you need.

If you’re in need of construction equipment rental in Nevada or highly comprehensive solutions for your site, you can talk to our team anytime. Contact our Nevada service center today on 888 399 DECK (3325), or get in touch via our contact us form online.

Preston Rentals Nevada

Preston Rentals is the leader in specialized construction rental equipment. Preston Rentals has a reputation for trusted and reliable customer assistance and quality, innovative products.

With a large focus on providing global markets with the world renowned SuperDeck® retractable loading platform systems, Preston Rentals are experts in providing construction sites with ways they can maximize safety, time and cost efficiencies on their site thanks to the installation of the SuperDeck® system.

Our SuperCrane™ rental fleet is comprised of a range of models and capacities to suit your unique needs, whatever the task. Preston Rentals is experienced and knowledgeable with a thorough understanding of crane requirements in construction. Supported by skilled staff and exceptional customer service.

You can COUNT ON US to deliver the needs of leading building and construction companies across the US.

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