Mini Cranes Rental

Mini cranes, also known as mini spider cranes or compact cranes, are small-sized cranes that are designed for use in tight spaces or where access is limited. These cranes have the ability to lift heavy loads, even in areas where conventional cranes cannot reach. They are lightweight, easily maneuverable, and can be transported on trailers or trucks. Mini cranes are suitable for a wide range of construction projects, including building maintenance, glass installation, and steel erection.

Features and Related Benefits of Mini Cranes:

i) Compact Size: Mini cranes are small in size, making them ideal for use in confined spaces. Their small footprint also means they are easy to transport, which can save time and money on transportation costs.

ii) High Lifting Capacity: Despite their small size, mini cranes have an impressive lifting capacity, capable of moving extreme heavy loads even in tight spaces. Contractors can complete their projects more efficiently using a mini spider crane without the need for expensive, larger cranes.

iii) Versatility: Mini cranes can be fitted with a range of attachments and accessories, such as glass lifters and vacuum lifters, making them even more versatile and suitable for a wider range of applications. This reduces the need to rent multiple pieces of equipment, saving contractors money on the total project cost.

Advantages of Renting a Mini Crane over Other Cranes:

At Preston, we take pride in the quality of our products. Our mini cranes for rent offer various advantages, such as:

Compact and powerful

  • Compact body of just 590mm-750mm – fits easily through a standard doorway
  • Powerful Electric motor on MC285C-2 model for safe use indoors with zero gas emissions
  • Lightweight, easy to transport onsite by large crane or service elevator, moving internally between floors and to rooftops
  • Outriggers stabilize the crane for superior lifting power for heavy weights up to 8.0t

A safe solution

  • Tripping prevention system for safe loading and fewer accidents
  • Moment Limiter pre-sets the height, radius and angle automatically
  • Interlock system restricts operation without outriggers safely in place
  • Crane tilt alarm sounds for inclinations above 3 degrees (over 15 degrees when travelling)


  • Remote control equipped with speed settings for precision work and manual RTL
  • Searcher hook and fly jib for additional lifting height and underneath roof eaves

Why Rent from Preston Rentals?

As a leader in specialized construction equipment rental, support, and services, Preston Rentals has been providing trusted and reliable customer assistance to the American construction sector for over 50 years. Here are some of the benefits of small crane rental from Preston Rentals:

i) High-Quality Equipment: Preston Rentals offers high-quality Maeda and UNIC mini cranes that are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure they are in top working condition.

ii) Competitive Pricing: Preston Rentals offers competitive pricing for its mini crane rental services, giving customers the equipment they need at an affordable price.

iii) Experienced Staff: Preston Rentals’ professional and friendly team helps customers select the right mini crane for their project and provide expert advice on how to use the equipment safely and efficiently.

iv) 24/7 Support: Preston Rentals offers 24/7 support to its customers, which means reliable assistance throughout your mini crawler crane rental whenever you need it.

v) Nationwide Coverage: Preston Rentals has a nationwide network of branches, ensuring customers across the US have access to mini cranes for rent within a convenient location.

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