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Light and durable, acrow props have revolutionised the industry by offering builders robust, flexible temporary supports, helping them complete their tasks in challenging conditions efficiently and safely. With an extensive range of construction equipment and acrow props to rent, trust Preston Rentals to help your team keep its residential, commercial, civil and industrial projects on track for completion – with maximum reliability and minimum risk.

Large construction works need reliable support mechanisms to prevent part-built structures from collapsing mid-project, risking personal injuries and project costs to spiral.

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Benefits of SuperShore™ Construction Props

  • Best construction props in the business – strong, reliable and affordable
  • Lightweight aluminum frames mean efficient transport and setup
  • Maximum absorption keeps structures rigid with no risk of collapse
  • Extensive technical features and attachments adapt to any job in any conditions
  • Self-cleaning thread and free-running collar won’t jam – even when dirty
  • Optimum safety mechanisms preserve construction worker health

Robust and versatile, our acrow props provide reliable support and stability in multiple construction scenarios.

  • Supporting slabs
  • Formwork support
  • Slab and beam shoring
  • Temporary wall support
  • Roof support
  • Column support
  • Facade and cladding installation
  • Bridge construction
  • Tunnel construction
  • Temporary staircase support
  • Floor and roof repairs
  • Underpinning structures
  • Demolition support
  • Temporary support at events
  • Scaffolding support
  • Utility installation

Acrow Props Rental Options from Preston Rentals

SuperShore™ MP 350

Length: 6.4-11.5 ft
Weight: 43 LBS
Max lifting weight: 20,458 LBF

SuperShore™ MP 480

Length: 8.5-15.8 ft
Weight: 55 LBS
Max lifting weight: 19,896 LBF

SuperShore™ MP 625

Length: 14-20.5 ft
Weight: 55 LBS
Max lifting weight: 2,634 LBF

Why Choose Preston Rentals for Your Building Props

Your rental – your way. Our flexible solutions give you access to the most suitable heavy-duty construction props as you progress through your project, optimising time and project costs.

Paramount in construction projects, Preston Rentals ensures your equipment is safe and sound, ready to support workers on every project to speed up workflow while avoiding failures or accidents.

All our temporary props for construction adhere to strict industry safety regulations for construction, to give customers extra peace of mind when renting our equipment.


SuperShore™ California

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What are support props?
Adjustable construction props provide stability when a building is part-built. By preventing a structure from collapsing, building companies have peace of mind that their staff remains safe, and their project runs on time.

Do you deliver acrow support props to sites?
Choose to have your acrow props delivered directly to a site if this is easier for you. Speak to our team about our flexible rental options and delivery service.

What is the minimum number of days I can rent construction props?
Just like all construction projects are different, we work with customers to provide a bespoke rental solution to suit the project’s individual needs. Talk to our team about our flexible plans and options for rental that best suit your budget.

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