Specialized Construction Equipment Rental Range

Specialized construction equipment rental, supplying construction/infrastructure-related industries in North America Superdeck™ | SuperShore™ | SuperGlassHandling™ | SuperCage™ | Supercrane™

Discover quality heavy duty rental equipment and service you can count on with Preston Rentals. Preston Rentals is a specialized construction equipment rental company which supplies construction sites with quality products including our patented SuperDeck® cantilevered retractable crane loading platform system.

Known for delivering quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, Preston Rentals specializes on various project scopes for leading names in the construction industry for over 50 years.

There are many large equipment rental companies, but not all offer high-quality, well-engineered, and well-maintained inventory supported by extensive industry expertise. We deliver results through our skilled and highly professional team with a true commitment to meeting every customer’s every need. You are sure to find what you are looking for with our range of construction equipment rentals offerings for all needs. Give us a ring at 888 399 DECK (3325) to find out why we’re one of the leading companies offering industrial equipment rentals in America today.