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"They are worth their weight in gold and I cannot see how I could build another project without Superdeck. Kudos!"


Randall, Beck Group (Colorado)

"The rental of your Preston Deck's were a great aid to the progress of our project, without them we would have had material handling issues and delays."

Eric Herrman

Eric Herrman, A/Z Corporation (Connecticut)

"You've been great to work with and we greatly valued what the Superdecks were able to accomplish for us."

David Bowar

Engineered Structures, Inc. (Idaho)

"When MW was in panic mode you were quick to help problem solve. I appreciated that on site response."

Kurt Mulson

Turner Construction Company (New York)

This is the first time that I have used Superdecks, and it won’t be the last. They were very easy to set up and they were very safe to use. We liked the fact that you can stack them in the same bay on multiple floors which minimizes the amount of exterior skin that you have to leave out unlike fixed outriggers.

Mike Littell

Senior Superintendent | GE Johnson Construction

"Without SuperDeck®, we’d be having to erect scaffolding and build loading bays - that would not only work out to be more expensive, but it would also take up more time. This way, it was fast, easy and relatively cost-effective."

Andy Maclean

Senior Site Manager | Broad Construction

"Whether we are talking about having the latest properly-maintained equipment, the best people and all the correct documentation up to date and on hand, Preston Rentals is a company that is serious about both its customer’s safety and its customer service."

Anthony Smits

Site Manager | Devine Constructions

"Preston Rentals’ SuperDeck® is simple to use, relatively light, mechanically fool-proof, requires little or no training and can lift up to 4 tons– it really is an ingenious piece of kit."

John Casey

Project Manager, Construction | Brookfield Multiplex

“The SuperDeck® worked really well - it allowed us to transport some quite heavy items like Gyprock, piping, steel, glass panels and a range of other gear from the ground floor all the way up to the 15th floor."

Tony Scott

Site Manager | Probuild

Brock Commons - World’s Tallest Mass Timber Skyscraper - Vancouver BC

“I want to thank you for the service you and the Preston [Rentals] team provided for the Brock Commons TALL WOOD project.

When a construction team is presented with a project that involves “firsts” it can be very challenging to predict what will be needed to meet the execution requirements. In the case of the Brock Commons project, the world’s tallest Mass Timber building, there were restrictions with respect to existing construction fire codes that allowed only 4 levels of exposed wood before the design fire rating was in place. For Brock Commons the fire rating encapsulation consists of 3-4 layers of ½” sheetrock installed directly to the wooden structure.

... The problem we anticipated having was maintaining the 4 level un-encapsulated requirement at a rate of a floor every 3 days. We needed a way to get all of the sheetrock necessary to complete the encapsulation in order to continue with the structure...

The solution – Preston Superdeck. A complete system of shoring and retractable decks that facilitates stacking multiple thrust out platforms in a common location and every one of them is useable. The system is very well designed. The decks roll easily within a channel, positional lock out is by a very simple sliding bolt, a built in drop down ramp for karts and the decks are completely safe with solid metal fencing. The Preston Superdeck has a very high load rating that allows large single loads. And the fact that all of the decks are in the same location in relationship to the tailgate off-loading location, the operation can be completed quickly by the crane team. Mass material movement from floor to floor can also be accomplished quickly and safely.

We originally ordered 6 Preston Superdecks just before the wooden structural phase began and quickly increased that to 9 decks when we saw that the predicted install of 2 floors a week was achievable.

By the end of the Wooden Structural phase of the project the construction team was able to install 16 floors in 9 weeks. A very satisfying result from planning and execution. The Preston Superdeck [System] was the perfect choice of equipment and played an integral part of the success of the Brock Commons Tall Wood project.”

Bill Leininger, Superintendent

Urban One Builders Construction Management Inc