Case Study



As a leading provider of specialized heavy equipment for rent, we are constantly striving to provide the construction industry with the best possible products, while staying cost-effective, reliable, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. For this exact reason, we have decided to introduce “SuperCrane Snapshots”, which will showcase some of our SuperCranes assisting our customers with their heavy lifting needs.

Steel walls at Downtown Denver – SuperCrane™ 285 & SuperCrane™ 305
Preston Rentals was called on to assist in the development of a 10-story building in Downtown Denver. The SuperCrane™ 285 and SuperCrane™ 305 were used to transport and carry large steel walls for the project. These mini cranes have seen a phenomenal amount of action on this project, demonstrating that although they are both small, they are mighty in their lifting abilities.

The SuperCrane™ 285 has shown it can punch way above its weight for our customers. Being such a small machine, the SuperCrane™ 285 has the added bonus of being able to fit into narrow spaces, making it the perfect solution for areas that conventional cranes cannot reach. The SuperCrane™ 305 is one of our most popular cranes in our fleet, and it is truly no surprise. With amazing lifting capabilities for its small stature and an optional remote-control feature, this machine provides great ease of use.

Runway Baggage – SuperCrane™ 376
Our SuperCrane™ 376 was rented to aid in the redevelopment of the United Airlines baggage system at Bush International Airport in Houston, TX. This member of our mini crane fleet was deployed to assist SGS in replacing the 20-year-old baggage system with new and advanced technology in order to improve time and efficiency for their customers. The new system will move luggage on conveyor belts with a robotic arm that pushes bags down the proper ramp and will effortlessly span both Terminals C and E.

An additional positive of the new baggage system will be the ability for the baggage ram to reroute customers’ bags, ensuring that bags are correctly loaded onto their new flights. The new technology will allow United Airlines to process up to 10,000 bags per hour and Preston Rentals is thrilled to be a part of this process.

Preston Rentals’ SuperCrane™ 376 offered the perfect solution for lifting and transporting materials for this job. This mini crane is capable of lifting loads of up to 6,690lbs and reaching lifting heights of up to 49’0″. The six-section hydraulic boom also allows for a maximum working radius of 47’4″.