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For over 50 years, the construction industry has confidently relied on the specialized equipment rental services from Preston Rentals. Preston Rentals is the best construction equipment rental company, trusted by many businesses. We provide excellence for both the quality of service and equipment we supply. We do the utmost to exceed expectations every time.


You can rely on us to provide you with an exceptional array of tools, knowledge, and advice to get the job done – no matter the scale of the project. Preston Rentals is equipped with decades of industry experience as a construction machinery rental company along with a team of highly skilled and qualified personnel. We also understand the individual needs and requirements of our clients and even offer the most competitive prices for all equipment and machinery throughout the country.


Preston Rentals can deliver and install SuperDeck™ loading platforms right to your worksite to simplify material handling in multi-level construction sites. Not many construction rental companies offer this. We can also provide SuperGlassHandling™ to move glass safely, the SuperCage™ to secure cumbersome materials, the Supercrane™ for heavy lifting, and the SuperShore™ for a light and stable multiprop.

We can also assist with engineering partners to discuss any special requirements you may need, and even organize operator training if required.

Our Goal

As one of the most reliable heavy equipment rental companies, Preston Rentals continuously aims to provide the best products and services to our customers while staying cost-effective. We are a leading heavy equipment rental company so we ensure that our products and services will always exceed our customers’ expectations. We continue to use the most efficient, current technology while adhering to the strictest safety initiatives.

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  • Kurt Mulson
    "When MW was in panic mode you were quick to help problem solve. I appreciated that on site response."
    Kurt Mulson
    Turner Construction Company (New York)
  • David Bowar
    "You've been great to work with and we greatly valued what the Superdecks were able to accomplish for us."
    David Bowar
    Engineered Structures, Inc. (Idaho)
  • Eric Herrman
    "The rental of your Preston Deck's were a great aid to the progress of our project, without them we would have had material handling issues and delays."
    Eric Herrman
    Eric Herrman, A/Z Corporation (Connecticut)
  • Randall
    "They are worth their weight in gold and I cannot see how I could build another project without Superdeck. Kudos!"
    Randall, Beck Group (Colorado)
  • Tony Scott
    “The SuperDeck® worked really well - it allowed us to transport some quite heavy items like Gyprock, piping, steel, glass panels and a range of other gear from the ground floor all the way up to the 15th floor."
    Tony Scott
    Site Manager | Probuild
  • John Casey
    "Preston Rentals’ SuperDeck® is simple to use, relatively light, mechanically fool-proof, requires little or no training and can lift up to 4 tons– it really is an ingenious piece of kit."
    John Casey
    Project Manager, Construction | Brookfield Multiplex
  • Anthony Smits
    "Whether we are talking about having the latest properly-maintained equipment, the best people and all the correct documentation up to date and on hand, Preston Rentals is a company that is serious about both its customer’s safety and its customer service."
    Anthony Smits
    Site Manager | Devine Constructions
  • Andy Maclean
    "Without SuperDeck®, we’d be having to erect scaffolding and build loading bays - that would not only work out to be more expensive, but it would also take up more time. This way, it was fast, easy and relatively cost-effective."
    Andy Maclean
    Senior Site Manager | Broad Construction
  • Mike Littell
    This is the first time that I have used Superdecks, and it won’t be the last. They were very easy to set up and they were very safe to use. We liked the fact that you can stack them in the same bay on multiple floors which minimizes the amount of exterior skin that you have to leave out unlike fixed outriggers.
    Mike Littell
    Senior Superintendent | GE Johnson Construction