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SuperCrane™ Snapshot – Issue #4

SuperCrane™ Snapshot – Issue #4 

 Preston Rentals recent jobs we’ve done (SuperCrane™ division edition):      

Our SuperCrane™ fleet recently assisted more customers in completing their large-scale projects… 


Ski Lift Designs Benefits from Our Small, But Mighty Mini Crane – Maeda MC285 

Ski Lift Designs reached out to Preston Rentals for help setting a refurbished ski lift swing in a backyard in Louisville, CO. With the swing being a considerable weight at 600lbs and with limited access on site, they needed a heavy lifter with a small footprint. We provided the perfect solution, supplying them with our Maeda MC285. This crane’s small stature allowed it to pass down an alleyway and through a 36” side gate to the backyard. And although this model is small, it still has an impressive lifting capacity of 6,210lb, meaning it was able to hoist the swing with ease. Our crane substantially reduced the manual labor required, and with it, the risk of injury. Ski Lift Designs was so thrilled with the outcome they’ve already booked us in for another project this summer. 

Preston Rentals Shows ‘We’re Not Afraid to Get Our Feet Wet’ at Green Mountain Reservoir Dam – Maeda CC1485  

Specialists in water and wastewater treatment plant construction, Lillard & Clark required a crane powerful enough to lift heavy materials out of a 300’ shaft at the Green Mountain Reservoir Dam in Heeney, CO. The 13,220lbs load capacity of our Maeda 1485 hydraulic crawler crane made it perfectly suited to the task. This was the second member of our SuperCrane™ fleet Lillard & Clark had rented for their project, with our UNIC URW547 having been on site for a year. The UNIC URW547 performed the important role of lowering material down to the bottom of the shaft from its position inside the pump house.     

 Preston Rentals Brought the Lifting Power for Baker Steel – Maeda MC815 

Returning customer Baker Steel enlisted our help installing a steel canopy at the heart of the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. Designed to cover the patio section of a restaurant, the steel beams required for the canopy weighed between 1,000 and 2,500lbs. Preston Rentals provided the most suitable member of our SuperCrane™ fleet, the Maeda MC815. The largest of our mini cranes, the Maeda MC815 has a huge 17,800lbs lifting capacity, allowing it to make short work of the steel beams. This lifting power was coupled with precise planning and engineering, enabling Baker Steel to cost-effectively and successfully complete their project.  

 Our Crane Excels Despite Limited Access at Prost Brewery – Maeda 405 

Winslow Crane and Rigging needed assistance setting beer storage vats at Prost Brewery in Northglenn, CO. They required a heavy lifter that could also navigate the limited access at the site. Preston Rentals provided our Maeda 405 for the task. Its small footprint allowed us to carefully maneuver the crane into place before the vats were positioned. Working in conjunction with a 20k telehandler, our Maeda 405 helped to safely and efficiently install all the beer storage vats. The small stature of our crane also enabled easy navigation around the vats and through the warehouse to the exit after the job was completed. 

 Designs by Sundown Experiences the Preston Rentals Difference – Maeda CC1485  

Well-known landscape design company, Designs by Sundown, reached out to Preston Rentals for assistance with installing a large water feature in a residential backyard in Cherry Creek, CO. We recommended our Maeda CC1485 for the task. Its 4,400lb pick and carry option enabled large boulders to be navigated around the backyard and set in place. Designs by Sundown was impressed with our performance and plans to return to Preston Rentals for future projects.